Orc Blood Bowl team

With the re-release of this old classic last week, it’s time to show another of my Blood Bowl teams: Orcs.

Like my human team these were painted according to the ‘How to paint’ leaflet that came with the third edition Blood Bowl set. This meant that they ended up as the Gouged Eye.

Orc TeamAs with the humans, the team had six positionals and six linemen (line-orcs?).


The positionals for the orcs differ a bit from the humans. Where the human team has both throwers and catchers, the orcs limit themselves to just throwers. This makes their passing game a bit weaker, but they are replaced in the lineup with Black Orcs, the only models in the starter set with a Strength rating of 4. Since the introductory rules don’t include assists, this makes them very hard to take down.

Orc blitzers share the exact stats of their human counterparts, while the throwers fall behind 1 point in Movement Allowance.


The linemen for the orcs are also close to the human version, sacrificing one point of movement for an additional point of armour. This, combined with the different positionals, obviously means that orcs lean a bit more towards the brawling game than humans. But with Agility 3 on everything except the Black Orcs, they are still perfectly capable of tossing the Squig-skin around.

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