Van Saar Necromunda gang

I finished another set of models, namely my old Van Saar Necromunda gang. Two leaders, six gangers, four juves and four heavies/specialists.

It only took me about 13 years!

Again, old metal models. I kinda like them, although they are eminently unsuitable for a game like Necromunda. With a gang, equipment changes constantly, and the only models in this series that are close to being convertable are the juves and the heavies.

Many years later, GW released a few new models with modular weapons, but since they never really re-released the game, it was too little too late.

Fortunately, I have a decent selection of gangers, and converted a few spare heavies into different specialists, so unless I start playing a lot, I’m probably set for a while.

For those interested, here’s the full album:


  • Good looking models with some freaky heads! Nice painting!

  • Eddie V. wrote:

    How did you make the heavy bolted and flamer!

  • I used the body from a normal heavy weapons trooper. The heavy bolter is from the metal scout miniature, and the flamer comes from a space marine kit. The arms are some bits mixed with green stuff. The extra canister and the holstered bolter on the flamer guy come from a spare flamer and the old Chaplain on bike model.

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