Tau Brute Squad

My local gaming group is running a Kill-Team tournament, so I needed a Brute Squad. Looking at the options, a Tau Drone squadron seemed to be the cheapest option (gun-drones come with basically every Tau unit on the market, so they’re almost free on Ebay). For the leader I got an old metal Shas’ui model with a pulse carbine.

Most of the models were pretty straightforward, but the Shas’ui came without a shoulder pad. Either they weren’t standard then, or they assumed you had a spare from a Fire warrior squad. I didn’t have one, but I did want one, so I dusted of my sculpting skills and set to work. I’m not dissatisfied with the result.

Originally, I had missile drones as wargear for the Shas’ui, until a Tau player pointed me to the FAQ that removed that option, so I swapped them out for shield drones. As they belong to the Leader, they share his sept markings (which are different from those on the gun drones). I used the standard Tau colour scheme, which I regret, as the Tau yellow is a horrible, horrible paint to work with. For some reason it doesn’t flow at all. Thinning it with Lahmian medium helps a bit, but it’s still a pain in the backside.

The drones themselves weren’t hard to paint (aside from the aforementioned paint problems), but incredibly boring. I added sept markings to seperate them into two squads of nine drones, but in Kill-Team games they’ll be fielded in 3-man units. Boring or not, I got them all done. And I think they’ll last me a bit, as I have no plans of starting a Tau army anytime soon…

Here’s the full album with pictures of the leader as well as the two squads:

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