Mortis Pattern Dreadnought conversion

A while back I noticed my bit box contained two complete metal Dark Angel Dreadnoughts. The model with a lascannon and a missile launcher. I decided to combine them into a Mortis pattern dreadnought. This is an anti-air version of the dreadnought, which has two identical weapon arms and can gain the Skyfire special rule if it remains stationary in the movement phase.

The basic Mortis comes with two missile launchers, but these can be exchanged with a pair of either twin linked heavy bolters, twin-linked autocannons or twin-linked lascannons. With two of the old dreadnought kits, I already had half the weapon options covered. The missile launchers didn’t really interest me, as missile launchers are decidedly underwhelming in the current edition. Twin linked lascannons however, will tear through most flyers with relative ease. All I needed to do was convert a lascannon arm to fit the left side of the Dreadnought.

Converting the Mortis

Lascannon conversion detailTo start, I used a hacksaw to cut the barrels from one of the arms. I then pinned the barrels to the rear part of one of the missile launchers (these parts came in two bits, the front and the rest), using the correct spacing so that both left and right arms had the same distance from mounting hole to the front of the barrel. I also added the targeting lens from the cut-up lascannon arm. Next, I filled up the gap with ProCreate and sculpted it into the correct shape, adding some small details and grooves.

When the putty had dried, I added rivets and a purity seal, as well as filling up some gaps left by the difference in shape between the two arms.

Helical Targeting Array

Mortis Conversion - FrontThe Helical Targeting Array is the device that gives the Mortis its special powers. To create it, I used the scanner assembly from the old metal & plastic Master of the Ravenwing model. Using more ProCreate, I made a base for this to mount it at an angle. Behind this I added the antenna from the current vehicle accessory sprue. On the front of the model I added the front of a searchlight from the old vehicle sprue. The scanner, the searchlight and the lascannons were all carefully angled to point in the same direction.

Finishing touches

To finish off, I added some miscellaneous bits, and sculpted a purity seal here and there. As you can see in the pictures, I originally put the model on a square 50mm x 50mm base, like my other Dreadnoughts. But after priming it I replaced this with a modern round 60mm base. I had glued the arms in place so that the angle was perfect with the pose of the model and scanner. But I later realized I could convert the remaining arms into a set of missile launchers. So I tore them off and magnetized them. I haven’t made the missile launcher arms yet, but the option is there should I want it. I can even get a set of autocannon arms from Forgeworld as well, giving me all (viable) weapon options.


Painting was straightforward. I mostly copied the scheme that I used for my other two Dreadnoughts. There were also no complex banners. Company markings are fourth company, like the rest of my army.

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