Librarian on bike

Just a quick one today: My recently completed bike-mounted librarian conversion. As always, Dark Angels.


The bike is mostly the bike from the old bike-mounted chaplain kit. Which in turn was just a normal bike with a few metal bits added on: A fancier front guard, some items on the back and holstered boltgun. I removed the skull helmet from the rear stowage, but other than that it’s mostly stock.

For the Librarian itself, I started with a classic metal librarian model. I used the Epistolary with a sword, as he has a nice compact pose that fits well with a biker in motion. Using a hacksaw, I cut off the legs and replaced them with the normal biker legs. I used some putty to repair any belt-items that were damaged or halved in the sawing process.

Add in a biker left arm and a fancy Deathwing shoulder pad and done. I cut off part of the seat on the bike to make room for his backpack, as his ‘arm-backwards’ post meant it was further backwards than on normal bikers.


As you can see, I went for normal Dark Angels green on the bike. Librarians aren’t part of a company, so putting him on a Ravenwing bike would be silly. This is also the reason I didn’t use the fancy metal Ravenwing legs I’ve used on all my other bikes.

It also gave me a chance to paint a bike in a different colour for a change, which was nice. For the rest I mostly stuck to the paint colours I’ve used throughout the rest of my army. Finish of with some decals, put it on one my resin bases and done.

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