Deathwing Librarian

When the new seventh edition rules for Warhammer 40k came out, with its renewed psychic face (welcome back, second edition!), I decided my Terminator Librarian would be a good choice as a first HQ unit to finish.

It’s the old 1995 metal model, sculpted by Jes Goodwin. No conversions this time, just the original model, which is awesome enough in my book.

I went for a classic blue style, with just the right shoulder pad brought out in the Dark Angel colours scheme. Since Librarians are not attached to a specific company, it does not use the Deathwing colour scheme, despite being a Terminator. I did however use the Deathwing heraldy on his banner.

His name (right leg), is an old movie joke.

As always, here’s the full album:

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