Combat patrol army, vehicle repairs

I realized I never posted a picture of my own army for the Combat Patrol tournament. I didn’t even take one, even though I displayed it for the best painted army vote.

So here it is:

First Squad Sergeant 2For the close-combat scouts, I painted up an alternative sergeant to the one shown earlier, since a power sword is a bit expensive in a 400pt army.

Company badges

The whirlwinds weren’t fielded exactly as pictured here. During cleanup, somebody flipped over one of them, causing the turret to `go to ground’. So last weekend I spend some time restoring it. Since I was working on the Whirlwinds anyway, I also re-did the company badges. I’ve been planning to convert my army to a 4th company one, as the Dark Vengeance set has meant there are now way too many 5th company armies around. I’m probably going to hate myself after painting a bunch of checkered flag company badges, but for now I’m happy with it.

The old badges:

Compared to the new ones.

Another thing I immediately did: I painted the bottom half of the badge bone. It always bothered me on the old one that the decal was white where it should be bone-coloured.

Whirlwing - TurretAs you can see in the pictures, I painted the gunners as techmarines. I’ve decided to do this for all crew on vehicles that are maintained by the Armoury. (Which is basically everything except Rhinos and Drop pods). I got some old Forge World Iron Warriors decal sheets that have the Mechanicus cog-and-skull symbol in shoulder-pad size, so I could even make that correct.

I also went for the old style decals, like the crossed lightning-bolt Whirlwind marking, and the double-headed eagle armoured vehicle insignia. If you’re going to use old models, make ’em look old, I always say.

Dreadnought – Revisited

Front rightSince I was on a vehicle streak, I also went over one of the Dreadnoughts from this post. It also needed the company badges re-done, and I’ve never been happy with the decals on that vehicle. I did those before I knew about Micro-sol and Micro-set, as well as the trick of sealing the decal between varnish layers. So I painted over the old decals and repaired some chipped paint. I also improved the highlighting on the model, which wasn’t something I was really into back then. I then re-applied the decals, switching the right arm to a 4th company badge.

Front leftFinally, I also based the model (on a round base!) since that seems to be required nowadays. I did keep the old-school self-adhesive banner though.

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