5th Company Dreadnoughts

I recently picked up an old hobby again: Warhammer. I own quite extensive forces for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k, but to my shame, appallingly little of that is painted. I’ve now set upon a quest to remedy that, and will try to post updates here on my progress, with pictures of my conversions and paint-jobs. I’m starting with my 40k army: Dark Angels.

I’ll start with some posts on models I have painted.

My forces contain two Dreadnoughts. Both are the of the older metal type, and converted to varying levels.

Old One Virgilius

This one is closest to stock. The basis was the Dark Angel Dreadnought, which came with a twin-linked lascannon and a missile launcher. I sawed of the lascannon barrels, and replaced them with the barrel from a devastator plasma cannon.

Old One Catullus

The second model is slightly more customized. I started out with the `standard’ Dreadnought, which came with an assault cannon, power fist and storm bolter. I wanted a more dramatic pose than the standard model offered. I also liked the lightning claw from the Space Wolves Dreadnought, but didn’t want the wolf-pelt that came with it. Remember that this machine was made for the 2nd edition 40k rules, when lightning claws on Dreadnoughts were actually different from power fists, heavy flamers were weapons from hell (with a huge template), and the assault cannon was rare and incredibly powerful (up to nine S8 shots). I used Green Stuff to make the pose of the model more dynamic, as if leaning forward over a smaller opponent. I’ve included some pictures of the model before painting, but these were made well over 10 years ago, before I had a proper digital camera. Apologies for the quality.

First I swapped the sarcophagus for a Dark Angel one. On one side, I added an extra armour plate from the Chaos vehicle sprue, which I modifed to remove the Chaos markings. The same goes for the spikes on the top of the machine. To one of the top-spikes, I added the helmet from a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior.

For the close-combat arm I obtained the claws from a Space Wolf Dreadnought, and combined that with a part of the original fist to create an angled claw, as if the model is striking downwards. I removed the storm bolter and replaced it with the heavy flamer from an old metal landspeeder.

On the other arm, I lengthened the barrel of the assault cannon, and mounted a skull around it. Purity seals were added to the side. Originally these were the plastic ones that came with a Space Marine tactical squad. Somewhere along the way, one got lost, and I replaced it with one made from Green Stuff (hence the slightly different paint colours).

On the banner pole, I used two of the hanging chains from the Chaos vehicle sprue, as well as the book from an imperial flaggalant. The chains were carefully bent so as to match the forward lean of the Dreadnought (those things are big, but not big enough to have their own gravitational field). At the base of the banner pole, I mounted two smaller banner poles from Space Marine bikes.

Due to the forward lean, the machine needed a base to say upright (not something the metal Dreadnoughts normally came with). I decorated it with a half-buried fence and some miscellaneous bits.

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