Combat Patrol Battle Report – Dark Angels vs Tyranids

To re-cap: Last weekend I played had a 400 points Combat Patrol tournament. This is the battle report of the fourth game, against a Tyranid army

I played with the following force:

  • Scout squad, 5x CCW, melta mombs
  • Scout squad, 5x sniper rifles, camo cloaks
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad with three bikes
  • Whirlwind Squadron with three Whirlwinds

Game 1: Eldar

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Game 2: Dark Angels

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Game 3: Sisters of Battle

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Game 4: Tyranids

My fourth game was against a Tyranid army.

His force:

  • Three Tyranid Warriors, 1x barbed strangler, 2x deathspitter
  • One Mucolid spore
  • Ten Gargoyles
  • Ten Gargoyles
  • One Venomthrope
  • Two Hive Guard

The primary mission was the Relic, as described in the rulebook, the secondary mission was getting the majority of the objectives, of which there was one in each deployment zone, and the third being the Relic itself. The game used Vanguard Strike deployment (the diagonal one).

For the first time, I got the warlord trait I wanted: Ignore cover/Precision shots. This should help with that Venomthrope!

I won the roll of for first turn. I deployed my Whirlwinds far in the back field, with the scouts guarding them on my left flank. The Ravenwing deployed as close to the Relic as possible.

He deployed as far forward as possible. The Gargoyles in front, the Venomthrope on my left, the Warriors (his only synapse creatures) in the center and the Hive Guard on my right.

My snipers infiltrated all the way to my left on his table edge, in a small emplacement. My Ravenwing scouted forwards toward the Relic.

Turn 1

Fire for effectGrab it, quickly!The Ravenwing moved forward to grab the relic. The scouts shot at the Venomthrope, as I was hoping to take out the shrouded bonus before shooting with the rest of my army (especially as we had night fighting). Unfortunately they failed to do any damage. The Whirlwinds fired at the Warriors with Incendiary shells, since their cover save would now be better than their armour save. I killed several Gargoyles, as well as inflicted 2 wounds on one of the Warriors. I then made a mistake. I had planned to turbo-boost with the bikes back towards my deployment zone, taking the Relic to safety. But I forgot, and shot ineffectually at the Tyranid Warriors.

My opponent seized upon my mistake, the Gargoyles swarming forward toward the bikes. The Hive guard also moved forward, hoping to get within range of the Whirlwinds. The Gargoyles shot and assaulted the bikes, killing one as well as blinding them. Despite hitting on 5s, I killed one as well, and we remained locked in combat

Turn 2

The scouts moved forward, aiming to either help the Ravenwing, or to retrieve the Relic.
My Whirlwinds once again opened up on the Warriors, Killing one, wounding another, and thanks to some lucky scattering, killing the Venomthrope as well. The snipers shot at the Warriors as well, killing another one.
In the combat with the Ravenwing, I killed another Gargoyle and death of two Warriors and the pile in moves had caused them to go out of synapse range, meaning he was no longer fearless. He failed his morale check, but ran away safely.

They're coming right at us!His fall back move took him back within 12″ of the remaining warrior, so the unit could act normally that turn. They moved back towards the Ravenwing bikers. The other gargoyle unit also moved closer, and assaulted. I once again won the combat, he was again out of synapse range and the unit was destroyed.

Turn 3

The snipers no longer had eyes on any targets, so they moved out of cover. They fired snapshots at the remaining Warrior, but failed to hit. The Whirlwinds fired at the cluster of Gargoyles, killing several of them. The Ravenwing moved the relic back and handed it over to the scouts.

The Mucolid spore arived, right in front of the snipers. The Hive Guard was out of synapse range and went to ground. So while it had gotten range and fired on the Ravenwing, it failed to hit.

Turn 4

The snipers fired at the Mucolid spore in front of them, but only managed to inflict two wounds. The Ravenwing assaulted the remaining Gargoyles, killing several, but remaining locked in combat.

The last Warrior moved forwards, bringing the Hive Guard back in control. I had forgotten to move the scouts back with the relic, and the Hive guard fired on them, killing two, including the Relic bearer. The Mucolid spore assaulted the snipers, and the blast killed three of them. In close combat, the Ravenwing finished the last of the Gargoyles.

Turn 5

The scouts moved to pick up the relic again. The Ravenwing moved towards the Hive Guard, fired ineffectively and assaulted them, but neither side failed to get through the other’s armour.

The remaining Warrior charged into the combat with the Ravenwing and Hive Guard, and was promptly cut down.

We rolled for game end, and it was over.


I had the Relic, as well as my own objective, giving me the primary and secondary missions. I also had Slay the Warlord and First blood.

Final score: 20-0 Win

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