Combat Patrol Battle Report – Dark Angels vs Sisters of Battle

To re-cap: Last weekend I played had a 400 points Combat Patrol tournament. This is the battle report of the third game, against a Sisters of Battle army

I played with the following force:

  • Scout squad, 5x CCW, melta mombs
  • Scout squad, 5x sniper rifles, camo cloaks
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad with three bikes
  • Whirlwind Squadron with three Whirlwinds

Game 1: Eldar

This battle report can be found here.

Game 2: Dark Angels

This battle report can be found here.

Game 3: Sisters of Battle

My third game was against a Sister of Battle army.

His force:

  • Five Battle Sisters, 2x meltagun, Immolator with multimeltas
  • Five Dominions, 2x meltagun, Immolator with heavy flamers
  • Five Retributors, 4x heavy bolter

The primary mission was getting your warlord in the enemy’s deployment zone. The secondary mission was getting the majority of the 4 objective markers on the table

This seems like a good spotThis time, I managed to get first turn. I deployed my Whirlwinds in between trees on my left. The scouts would infiltrate, while the snipers and bikes would outflank (since my sniper sergeant was my warlord, I decided that that would be an easy way to get him into the enemy deployment zone).

My opponent deployed his Battle Sisters in their immolator on the left, while the Retributors occupied an emplacement in the middle of his deployment zone. The Dominions outflanked in their Immolator.

My scout squad infiltrated as far forward as possible on my left flank, and used their scout move to get into a forest for cover.

Turn 1

Incoming!The scouts moved further forward. The Whirlwinds opened up on the Retributor squad bunched up in their gun emplacement. My accuracy was spot on, and my opponent rolled appallingly bad on his armour saves, killing three of the heavy bolters.

He moved his Immolator forward and disembarked. The Retributors, Sisters and Immolator shot at the scouts, killing three. The unit failed their panic test and fell back.

Turn 2

Both my reserves failed to turn up, but thescouts (acting normally thanks to And They Shall Know No Fear) moved back towards the Battle Sisters. The Whirlwinds launched a salvo on the Sisters, and once again the Sororitas’ power armour proved faulty, with three dead. The scouts assaulted, killing the last two.

The Dominions turned up on my left flank, right next to the Whirlwinds. They immediately disembarked, and one of the Whirlwinds lost two hull points to melta fire.

Turn 3

This round my reserves did turn up, both on my left flank. The snipers moved into the enemy deployment zone, and ran on into cover, while the Ravenwing deployed on the rear of the multi-melta Immolator, hoping to glance its weak rear armour with their bolters. The scouts moved towards the same tank. The Whirlwinds moved to get some distance from the Dominion squad, and fired a salvo. This killed two, but also hit one of the tanks. Luckily, the round bounced harmlessly of the tank’s front armour. The scouts and Ravenwing fired at the Immolator, wrecking it.

The Dominions fired another salvo at the Whirlwinds, destroying the damaged one. The heavy flamer immolator moved towards the scouts and engulved them in flames, but failed to wound either of them. The Retributors fired at the Whirlwinds, immobilizing one and destroying its weapon.

Turn 4

The bikes moved towards the Retributors and shot at them from long range, but failed to do any damage. The scouts advanced towards the remaining Immolator. The snipers were too deep in cover to see anything, so they moved further forward, claiming one of the objectives in the enemy deployment zone. The remaining functioning Whirlwind once again tried to get some distance, while staying within range of the objective they had been sitting on, but then failed to hit the Dominions.
The scouts assaulted the Immolator, blowing it up with the sergeant’s melta bombs. The ensuing explosion killed one of the scouts, but the other consolidated towards the Dominions.

The Retributors fired at the bikes, killing one. The Dominions shot at the Whirlwinds again, blowing up the undamaged one.

Turn 5

Not my tanks!With the explosion of the Whirlwind, the snipers now had a clear field of fire on the Dominion squad, and killed one. The bikes moved further towards the Retributors, and mowed both of them down with bolter fire. The last scout assaulted the Dominions, killing one.

During my opponents turn, the combat between the scout sergeant and the Dominions continued, but neither side did any damage. We rolled for game end, and that was that.


With my warlord in the enemy deployment zone, and the Sister warlord dead, I claimed the primary mission. My snipers also held an objective, and while the Dominions and scout were both within range of another one, my scouts had Objective Secured, claiming it for me. This meant I also had the secondary mission. My opponent had Linebreaker, while I had Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord and First blood.

Final score: 22-2 Win.

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