Combat Patrol Battle Report – Dark Angels vs Dark Angels

To re-cap: Last weekend I played a 400 points Combat Patrol tournament. This is the battle report of the second game, against a Dark Angels Successor Chapter.

I played with the following force:

  • Scout squad, 5x CCW, melta mombs
  • Scout squad, 5x sniper rifles, camo cloaks
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad with three bikes
  • Whirlwind Squadron with three Whirlwinds

Game 1: Eldar

This battle report can be found here.

Game 2: Dark Angels

My second game was against one of the players from the Dutch National team, with a beautifully painted Dark Angels successor chapter. unfortunately, I’m clearly not a competitive player, for the match was short and decisive.

His force:

  • Five tacticals, plasma gun, Razorback, dozer blade
  • Five tacticals, plasma gun, Rhino, dozer blade
  • Five devastators, 3x plasma cannon, 1x missile launcher

The primary mission was getting more units in the enemy’s deployment zone than your enemy. The secondary mission was getting the majority of the 5 objective markers.

Once again, I failed to get first turn. He deployed his vehicles in the middle, the devastators on my left on an elevated platform. I deployed my whirlwinds all the way back out of side. The snipers infiltrated into a tower on the center right. My scouts and Ravenwing outflanked.

Turn 1

Both tanks moved forward. His devastators opened up on the scouts, and even their 3+ cover save could not save three of them.

The snipers shot back at the devastators, but missed all but one shot, which failed to wound. The Whirlwinds tried to break open the Razorback, but scattered harmlessly away.

Turn 2

The tanks moved forward again, with both squads disembarking in my deployment zone with sight on the Whirlwinds. The devastators took another shot at the snipers, killing the rest of them, but one of them was killed by his overheating weapon. Great, now my enemy had killed more of his own force than I had. The tacticals opened fire with plasma and grenades on the Whirlwinds, taking a hull point off one of them.

I rolled for my reserves. The scouts showed up on my right, far from the devastators and ran into cover. The whirlwinds shot at the tacticals, but only managed to kill one of them.

Turn 3

The devastators, without targets, started moving towards the scouts. One of the tactical squads embarked on the Razorback and drove towards the center objective and shot at the scouts, killing two. The Rhino moved towards the objective in the left of my deployment zone, while the other tactical squad advance further on the Whirlwinds, which they shot and assaulted, destroying 1 and damaging the second.

My Ravenwing still didn’t turn up. The scouts moved towards the devastators, while the Whirlwinds killed another marine from the tacticals next to them.

Turn 4

Wait for us!The tacticals in the Razorback disembarked again, and moved back to my deployment zone, while the Razorback itself claimed the center objective. The devastators charged the scouts, while the marines continued their onslaught against the whirlwinds, killing another one. The close combat was indecisive, with both sides losing a model.

The Ravenwing finally turned up, but on the left side of the field, far from the action. The bikers turbo-boosted towards the combat, in the hopes of helping out the scouts. Their haste proved unnecessary though, as the scouts wiped out the devastators in the assault phase.

Turn 5

And that's threeThe marines killed the last Whirlwind, while the other tactical squad secured the second objective in my deployment zone. At this point, he had four Objective Secured Units on the field, three of which were in my deployment zone, and he held three of the five objectives. Since I only had two units left, only one of which had Objective Secured, the game was a foregone conclusion. We did play another turn, since we had the time, but it mostly consisted of movement and ineffective shooting.


The game ended with him having both the primary and secondary objective, as well as First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker for a maximum 22 points. I just had Linebreaker.

Final score: 2-22 Loss

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