2016 painting goals

The popular 40k weblog 40k Addict just announced the upcoming 2016/17 hobby season, where players can set their goals for the upcoming year.

I’ve kept to calendar years when making my to-do lists, but that won’t stop me from listing my (remaining) goals for this year. I basically have one primary goal, and several secondary goals.

The primary goal is (sort of) mandatory. The others I can pick up if I feel like it, but I have no illusion of getting to them all.

Main goal: Finish the basic Warhammer Quest set

This is, with the exception of my Fantasy army, my oldest painting project. I have made decent progress the last few years, of which I’ll post some pictures the following weeks. But 2016 will be the year I finish painting the models that came with the basic set. If I get some of the expansions done as well, nice, but the basic set goes first. Note: I’m talking about the old game, not the new Age of Sigmar, Silver Tower version.

Secondary goals

1: Start on my basic Marines

I have a full battle company of Dark Angels, but I’m unable to field even a basic tactical squad. This needs to change.

2: Start on my Battlefleet Gothic Fleet

I really want to get to playing this again. Since I decided two years ago not to play with unpainted models anymore, that means I have to paint my fleet. Luckily, Gothic ships don’t appear to be overly complicated to paint[1].

3: Finish my Blood Bowl teams

Last year I got to the point where I now have three playable teams painted. But there are still some odds and ends left to do. I have four unpainted blockers for my Dwarfs, some cheerleaders and some tokens to do. Not a lot, but it must be done.

Passive goal: Grow my army

With 40k, I’m now at the point where I can vary my army a bit between tournaments by painting individual units or models. The goal is to keep doing it this way and grow my playable force organically. The first of the secondary goals overlaps with this, obviously. This is obviously not a goal that can be achieved, as it will never be really finished.

  1. [1]Famous last words, I know

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