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Articles concerning simulations should the final battles be fought in a futuristic landscape

Van Saar Necromunda gang

I finished another set of models, namely my old Van Saar Necromunda gang. Two leaders, six gangers, four juves and four heavies/specialists. It only took me about 13 years! Again, old metal models. I kinda like them, although they are eminently unsuitable for a game like Necromunda. With a gang, equipment changes constantly, and the […]

Deathwing Librarian

When the new seventh edition rules for Warhammer 40k came out, with its renewed psychic face (welcome back, second edition!), I decided my Terminator Librarian would be a good choice as a first HQ unit to finish. It’s the old 1995 metal model, sculpted by Jes Goodwin. No conversions this time, just the original model, […]

Tau Brute Squad

My local gaming group is running a Kill-Team tournament, so I needed a Brute Squad. Looking at the options, a Tau Drone squadron seemed to be the cheapest option (gun-drones come with basically every Tau unit on the market, so they’re almost free on Ebay). For the leader I got an old metal Shas’ui model […]

Space Marine Scout squads

To start again after my glorious return to the game, I painted two simple five-man scout squads. Scouts are quite useful if you’re just starting out. They’re cheap points-wise, but they can scout and infiltrate. They are a troop choice so they can take objectives. The first was a squad of the old metal scouts […]

5th Company Dreadnoughts

I recently picked up an old hobby again: Warhammer. I own quite extensive forces for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k, but to my shame, appallingly little of that is painted. I’ve now set upon a quest to remedy that, and will try to post updates here on my progress, with pictures of my conversions […]