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Status update

Been a while, but the boys have been growing up steadily. Primary activities haven’t changed much though: Sleeping, eating and the occasional tumbling around. By now we’ve grown accustomed to being used as heated mattresses during the night, as well as the fact that entering the kitchen will be greeted by a combined chorus of […]

Being scared is for pussies…

We stayed at home this new years’ eve, in case the fireworks would launch the boys up the wall, but we needn’t have worried. Ben stoically went on contemplating ways to eat our food, while Sam’s biggest problem was figuring out if the fireworks at the front of the house or those at the back […]

Maybe he thinks it’ll damage his teeth…

Interesting observation: Aside from the normal food, we have some of this so-called `cat candy’, small pills the beasts are supposed to like. And indeed, Sam will gobble them up in no time. However, no matter how I try, I can’t get Ben to eat the darn things. At first I assumed his mother had […]


The beasts finally arrived last friday. Due to a busy schedule otherwise, I haven’t gotten around to posting before now, but here are some pictures, more to follow soon, hopefully.


We’ve finally decided on the second kitten, and revealed the names of the cats we chose. Allow me to introduce:


As befits all proper upcoming parents, we’ve started purchasing stuff already. Today we started with the big stuff. First, the little beasties need to be brought to our house, and quite possibly at some time in their lives make a trip to the vet (if only to have their balls cut off). So we got […]

Big pile of fur

We went to see the litter and snapped some pictures. We’ve decided on one of the two, and are still trying to choose the second.

We’re having kids cats!

One of my sister’s cats gave birth to four kittens. By then F. and I had decided we wanted part of the cute-cake and were going to take two of them in once they were old enough to leave the nest. I’ll periodically post some pictures or notes on their progress through the world and […]