Van Saar Necromunda gang

I finished another set of models, namely my old Van Saar Necromunda gang. Two leaders, six gangers, four juves and four heavies/specialists.

It only took me about 13 years!

Again, old metal models. I kinda like them, although they are eminently unsuitable for a game like Necromunda. With a gang, equipment changes constantly, and the only models in this series that are close to being convertable are the juves and the heavies.

Many years later, GW released a few new models with modular weapons, but since they never really re-released the game, it was too little too late.

Fortunately, I have a decent selection of gangers, and converted a few spare heavies into different specialists, so unless I start playing a lot, I’m probably set for a while.

For those interested, here’s the full album:

Deathwing Librarian

When the new seventh edition rules for Warhammer 40k came out, with its renewed psychic face (welcome back, second edition!), I decided my Terminator Librarian would be a good choice as a first HQ unit to finish. It’s the old 1995 metal model, sculpted by Jes Goodwin. No conversions this time, just the original model, […]

Tau Brute Squad

My local gaming group is running a Kill-Team tournament, so I needed a Brute Squad. Looking at the options, a Tau Drone squadron seemed to be the cheapest option (gun-drones come with basically every Tau unit on the market, so they’re almost free on Ebay). For the leader I got an old metal Shas’ui model […]

Fixing NextGEN Gallery and wp-typography compatibility

I figured out what broke the images on this site a while back. I run several plugins on this wordpress site, among which are NextGEN Gallery (an image gallery plugin) and wp-typography (which cleans up typography and styles certain parts of the text). However, a patch of NextGEN gallery a while back broke the compatibility of these […]

Space Marine Scout squads

To start again after my glorious return to the game, I painted two simple five-man scout squads. Scouts are quite useful if you’re just starting out. They’re cheap points-wise, but they can scout and infiltrate. They are a troop choice so they can take objectives. The first was a squad of the old metal scouts […]

Rebuilding world on FreeBSD

To upgrade FreeBSD between versions, I generally rebuild world with the latest sources. You can easily get the –RELEASE tarballs using fetch. I generally remove the old /usr/obj and /usr/src completely before I start. # cd /usr # rm –R obj # rm –R src # fetch “” # tar –x –C / –f src.txz Obviously, […]

5th Company Dreadnoughts

I recently picked up an old hobby again: Warhammer. I own quite extensive forces for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k, but to my shame, appallingly little of that is painted. I’ve now set upon a quest to remedy that, and will try to post updates here on my progress, with pictures of my conversions […]

Images are back up

It recently came to my attention that a recent plugin update had broken all images on the website. It basically meant I had to go over everything I’ve ever written and fix the links. Thankfully, I don’t update often. Images should be back up now. If I’ve missed something, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Growing a ZFS pool — Update

In an earlier post I described how you can grow an existing ZFS pool by replacing all the disks with bigger ones. That article was written several years ago, for FreeBSD 7.2. Currently we’re at FreeBSD 9.2, and the ZFS implementation has evolved somewhat, making that article no longer accurate. Most importantly, this concerns the […]

Using GMirror as a rollback tool.

On Thunderflare, which predates affordable solid-state drives, the OS is run from two small laptop drives in RAID 1. The RAID 1 is there so that if one of them crashes, I won’t have to do a complete reinstall. I’m lazy, sue me. Besides, a reinstall would take a lot of time, while setting up […]